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Pivotal Property Management

Crucial to your investments success

Tenant Information

Rental Properties -To view properties available for lease go to

Condition Reports

Condition reports are completed by the agent and need to be revised by the tenant and returned within 3 business days to Pivotal Property Management.

Urgent Repairs

Please refer to your 'renting a home guide' first to establish if the repair is urgent. If you think you have an urgent repair, please contact us immediately to see if the landlord can be consulted about the repair. Also place your request in writing. If the agent or landlord can not be consulted for any reason our after hours emergency service numbers below;

Plumber          Plumbwell Gaswell              0409 020 994

Electrician       Sanjtrics Solutions              0423 877 348

Locksmith       City West Locksmiths          0414 930 586

Glazier            Economy Glass                   9785 2030

SES                State Emergency Service   132 500

General Maintenance

All general maintenance must be placed in writing before repairs can be carried out. This can be emailed to [email protected]. Owners will then be contacted and the maintenance will be attended to.

Rental Payments

Rental Payments are to be made directly into a bank account. Details are provided to tenants and tenants must include a reference. Late rental payments will not be tolerated and may affect your tenancy record and future lease options

Routine Inspections

Inspections can be carried out after the first 3 months of tenancy and every 6 months thereafter. Tenants are consulted about the times and they are generally between Monday - Friday 9.00 am to 5.30pm.

Final Inspections

Final inspections are generally carried out within 1 -2 days of the keys being returned. The agent will try to process your bond as quickly as possible. To assist in the return of your bond, we suggest you follow through our 'final inspection guide' to ensure the property is fully cleaned and all rubbish is removed.